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• High-throughput SAXS and WAXS analysis of nanostructured materials
• SAXS and WAXS at once: TrueSWAXS
• ASX autosampler automates up to 192 liquid samples
• Wide range of sample stages and holders for ambient and non-ambient studies

SAXSpace is a compact lab-scale system for SAXS and WAXS studies with a brilliant block collimation system ensuring an intense X-ray beam for very short measurement times. It determines the size, size distribution, and shape of nano-sized particles and sample domains and is especially suited for analyzing isotropic, colloidal, and biological samples (BioSAXS). SAXSpace’s robust design, high system uptime, and automated workflows ensure a large sample throughput and high-quality SWAXS results.

Speed-up your daily lab work: optimized for high throughput
The investigation and characterization of biological samples, like proteins and enzymes, or nanoparticle dispersions typically requires multiple analyses of many samples at once. SAXSpace is optimized to handle up to 192 liquid samples in an automated workflow. Combined with the ASX autosampler fast and precise sampling and efficient cleaning without operator input is ensured. This enables measurements overnight, providing you with complete data sets for analysis when you start the next day. The ASX autosampler is equipped with a cooling option, which is often necessary for sensitive biological samples.

Save your time with TrueFocus and Stagemaster
Time-saving alignment is achieved at the push of a button with TrueFocus, a fully automated and intelligent self-alignment of all X-ray components and sample stages.
In parallel, Stagemaster automatically recognizes which stage is implemented and configures the system accordingly. This ensures the best possible result for your measurement setup without any manual steps and gives you full flexibility for your measurements.

SAXS and WAXS at once: TrueSWAXS
TrueSWAXS enables simultaneous and continuous SWAXS studies up to 60° 2Ѳ at uniform resolution. With the collected scattering signal at low angles (SAXS) you get information on large assemblies like particle structure and the particle/macromolecule assembly, up to a few hundred nanometers, whereas the signal at large angles (WAXS) gives information on the crystalline structure at the atomic level. The TrueSWAXS feature delivers all of this in one go from one and the same sample and helps you accelerate your throughput for multiple analyses. With TrueSWAXS there is no need to re-align your system. You can be sure of uniform resolution and reliable results.

Wide range of measurement options with versatile sample stages
The versatile SAXSpace sample chamber gives you countless analysis options and full experimental flexibility. Benefit from a wide range of sample stages and holders for ambient and non-ambient studies, like temperature-controlled- (-150 °C to 600 °C), humidity-, defined mechanical load studies, automated measurements of multi-solid/paste-like/liquid samples or analysis of thin films and nanostructured surfaces (GISAXS). The sample stages are plug-and-play and automatically recognized via Stagemaster, which configures the system automatically. The sample chamber also gives you the freedom to use your own experimental setup, for which Anton Paar provides customized solutions.

Powerful control and data analysis software
Control and analysis of scattering data calls for powerful software solutions. SAXSdrive™ and SAXSanalysis™ support automated routine steps, like measurement setup and alignment, and thereby comprehensive data analysis. Benefit from serial measurements, automated sampling, temperature scans, and time-dependent studies, and analyze your received 1D and 2D data sets. Determination of parameters like radius of gyration (RG), particle size, Porod constant, specific surface, Kratky plot, etc. is standard in SAXSanalysis™. For advanced structure interpretation (PCG) like particle size, size distribution, shape and inner structure, IFT and deconvolution techniques are available.
Product specification
Model SAXSpace
X-ray source Primux 3000 sealed tube (Cu, Mo)
X-ray optics Custom-designed multilayer optics (fully evacuated)
  Advanced scatterless Kratky-based block beam collimation (fully evacuated)
Sample stages /  TCStages
Autosamplers Humidity Stage
  Tensile Stage
  GI-SAXS Stage
  ASX Autosamplers
  Customized stages on request
Special features TrueFocus: self-alignment with X-ray beam
  TrueSWAXS: simultaneous SWAXS studies up to 60° 2Ѳ
  StageMaster: YZ stage with auto-recognition of sample stages
System resolution  qmin: 0.03 nm-1
Sample environment 
- Temperature range  -150 °C to 600 °C,  ±0.1 °C
- Atmosphere  Vacuum, air, inert gas, humidity  (reactive gases on request)
X-ray optics Multilayer optics
  Advanced Kratky-based line and point collimator
Sample holders Quartz capillary for liquids
  SiN Cell (low parasitics flow-through cell)
  Sample holder for solids
  μ-Cell for small sample volumes
  FlowCell/TubeCell for automation
  PasteCell for viscous and powder samples
  RotorCell for sample spinning
  High-pressure cells
Measurement time <1 minute to 30 minutes (typical)
Detectors 1D Mythen2 R series and 2D EIGER R series HPC detectors
Accessible q range 0.03 nm-1 to 49.0 nm-1
  200 nm > d > 0.13 nm
Software SAXSdriveTM control and data acquisition software
  SAXSquantTM data analysis software
  Advanced data interpretation software (PCG)
Dimensions (footprint) 1.8 m x 0.9 m (L x D)
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