Rotational viscometry

The article contains recommendations and advices with aim to help choosing from among a large number of viscometers on the market, designed to study various types of liquids, and a large number of spindles for various purposes. It spatially informs about various types of rotational viscometers (spring viscometers and servo motor viscometers) and three ways of viscosity measurement (L-type, R-type, H-type). We are also talking about two main modifications of spring viscometers: dial reading and digital reading. You will learn how select correctly the measurement mode (L, R, H) according to your tasks. There is a table that clearly explains which measurement mode to choose for the most important substances used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in food and beverage production, as well as in pharmacy and cosmetology. Big part of the article describes various types of spindles (disk, cylindrical, with a double gap) and explains how to select the correct spindle. Last part contains few easy steps for successful viscosity measurement.
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