MICCRA GmbH is developing and manufacturing powerful, high quality dispersing and homogenizing systems for applications in laboratory, pilot plant and production since 1994.

These instruments are used in almost all industries such as chemistry, pharmacy, biology, food, paint / coatings, petroleum, sewage, paper / pulp, environmental protection, universities and research institutes.

With the goal to ensure customer satisfaction, we established research and development as well in-house as also in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Custom made solutions are exclusively manufactured in our production facility in southern Germany.

ART Process & Labortechnik GmbH & Co. KG offers additionally to the "Made in Germany" - quality up to 5 years warranty on drives and tools.

Currently, ART has been awarded by the “Stiftverband der deutschen Wirtschaft” with the seal of approval "Innovation through research" for its activity in research and development.