High Temperature Circulators


For working temperatures from +70 °C to +400 °C

High temperature circulators of the FORTE HT series are designed for temperature control in closed external systems. These compact units have a closed design that prevents the escape of oil vapors especially at high temperatures.

Your advantages
• ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control
• Integrated programmer for 6 x 60 program steps
• Working temperature range up to 400 °C
• Strong pumping capacity 18 l/min - 1.2 bar max
• Automatic air-purge allows easy filling
• Automated heat-up feature adjusts to external systems
• Bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) with display resolution 0.01 °C
• Backlit interactive 4-line LCD display
• Stand-by input for external emergency switch-off
• Electronic level indication
• Highly precise ICC cascade temperature control
• Integrated programmer
• Space optimized design creates more room directly next to the units
• Self-optimizing ICC temperature controller
• Tap water cooling for temperatures from 40 to 400 °C and rapid cooling
• Cooling capacity up to 15 kW (with tap water 20°C)