High Dynamic Closed Temperature Control Systems


PRESTO Process Systems
working temperature range -92 °C to +250 °C

An entirely new generation of highly dynamic temperature control systems by JULABO. The new PRESTO® systems are designed for precise temperature control as well as rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for reactor vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulations. These instruments cover a working temperature of -92 to +250 °C with high cooling and heating capacity.

Highly efficient components give these instruments the ability to compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions with extraordinary speed. Permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps contribute to the new PRESTO®’s long service life. The integrated 5.7-inch color industrial-grade touch panel is one of the identifying characteristics of the new PRESTO®. It gives the user a clear and well-organized view of important information while greatly improving user-friendliness. Once in operation, the new PRESTO® units are whisper quiet and barely audible in a laboratory. The new PRESTO® units are extremely robust and work reliably even if the ambient temperature climbs as high as +40 °C. Multiple interfaces permit remote control of the PRESTO® across networks and in superordinated control systems. Closed side panels without ventilation slits reduces to a minimum the amount of space needed to operate.

Presto temperature control systems from Julabo compensate endothermic and exothermic reactions with extreme speed
Reactor temperature control is based on a closed-circuit principle

Space saving design
JULABO PRESTO are the only highly dynamic temperature control systems with closed side panels without ventilation slits. Save space by placing PRESTO units directly next to each other or your application.

- Side panels without ventilation slits
- Important interfaces directly accessible from the front
- Easy to transport
- Hydraulically sealed to prevent unpleasant vapors and odors

- Rapid heating and cooling
- Heating capacity up to 36 kW
- Cooling capacity up to 31 kW
- Wide temperature ranges covered with only one thermal fluid
- Powerful, magnetically coupled pumps (free of seals and leak free)

Cost Efficiency
- Less thermal bath fluid needed compared to open bath circulators
- Smaller footprint

- Actively cooled expansion vessel
compensates for temperature-induced volume
changes in the heat exchanger
- Simple and safe filling procedure
- Hot or cold thermal bath fluid does not come into contact with oxygen
- Three user levels with password protection

Process Safety
- Fully automated degassing procedure - eproducible results
- Maximum uptime
- Electronically adjustable pumps in stages or by setting the pressure value (except A30)

PRESTO systems are closed
The closed system design of the PRESTO prevents the hot or cold thermal fluid from getting in contact with ambient air. This lowers oxidation of the fluid at high temperatures to a minimum and prevents crystallization of humidity at low temperatures.
In addition, the built-in expansion vessel is actively cooled.
Your benefit: Increased user safety and an extended life expectancy of the thermal fluid.
The absolute asset: Thanks to the closed design, the new PRESTO prevents unpleasant oil vapor.

PRESTO with maximum performance
Providing strong cooling and heating capacities, the PRESTO systems cover a working temperature range of -92 °C to +250 °C. Highly efficient components compensate exothermic and endothermic reactions in no time (extremely fast).
The smaller active heat exchange volume ensures faster heat-up and cool-down times.

PRESTO pump capacity
The new PRESTO units generate the desired pressure at any time – to protect your applications and investments. The pumps even dynamically compensate for viscosity changes in the heat transfer fluid (except A30). Permanent internal monitoring and magnetically coupled pumps (without seals and leak free) provide best performance and maximum uptime.
Product list
PRESTO A30/A40/W40

PRESTO A30/A40/W40

The A30, A40 and W40 process circulators combine high performance and a very compact design with the advantages of the PRESTO series for a working temperature range down to -40 °C.


The A45 air-cooled process circulators can be used flexibly and independently of cooling water supply. They compensate exothermic and endothermic reactions extremely quickly. Both systems are air-cooled, the A45t offers increased heating capacity of 12 kW.


Water-cooled process circulators down to -50 °C. The rapid compensation of reactions even at higher ambient temperatures is the domain of the water-cooled W50 units.The W50t provides double the heating capacity (12 kW).


The water-cooled model W55 offers a very high cooling and heating capacity down to -55 °C. It is ideal for use in large external applications such as reactor temperature control, material stress testing or temperature simulation.


The PRESTO W56 is the most powerful, 1-stage highly dynamic temperature control system from JULABO. Applications with high performance requirements can be temperature-controlled even faster and more efficiently.


A80 and W80 systems offer a high level of cooling and heating capacity down to -80 °C. Available as air-cooled or water-cooled units with up to 3.4 kW heating capacity
PRESTO A85/A85t/W85/W85t

PRESTO A85/A85t/W85/W85t

PRESTO A85 and W85 offer a high level of cooling and heating capacity down to -85 °C. Available as air-cooled or water-cooled units with up to 15 kW heating capacity


The water-cooled PRESTO W91 offer a high level of cooling and heating capacity down to -91 °C. Available with heating capacity of up to 36 kW and optionally with a gear pump for high-viscosity thermal fluids.


The water-cooled PRESTO W92 is the top performer with the highest level of cooling and heating capacity down to -92 °C. Available with heating capacity of up to 36 kW and optionally with a gear pump for high-viscosity thermal fluids