Sensors of dissolved gases (O2 and CO2)

Carbonation is a key element in the taste and perceived freshness of a beverage. Having the right concentration of dissolved CO2 in the beverage is therefore essential. To guarantee taste and quality due to the correct carbon dioxide content in different beverages an accurate monitoring and testing system is required throughout production as well as for the final product.
Anton Paar’s CO₂ sensors continuously deliver true CO2 values for any beverage and provide outstanding total cost of ownership. Carbo 6100 and Carbo 6300 are maintenance-free and EHEDG-certified. In addition to process monitoring, the measuring interval of 4 seconds enables a reliable and stable closed-loop control of carbonators. Carbo 5100 uses a well-established and proven measuring technology with highest accuracy and reliability and requires minimum maintenance approximately once a year.
Oxygen content is a crucial parameter for the taste and shelf life of beverages. The Oxy 5100 inline oxygen sensor measures dissolved oxygen (DO) in real-time, directly at the production line. It provides accurate, drift-free measurements throughout the entire production process.
Oxy 5100 can easily be combined with additional process sensors from Anton Paar, to meet all future production- and quality-control requirements.
The CO2 Purity Monitor features a compact system for monitoring the O2 content in pressurized CO2 recuperation pipes.