Sample changer: Xsample 320

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The single sample changer for easy operation

The new industrial- grade peristaltic pump of Xsample 320 enables measurements at the push of a button. Once the parameters are set, user-independent filling and therefore a reduction of handling errors can be achieved with this sample changer designed for single samples. Operators are able to focus on more important tasks while filling and measurement are performed automatically. The flexible filling speed of Xsample 320 ensures optimized sample treatment, which leads to perfect measuring results.

Easy to operate and reduction of handling errors
• Enter the filling parameters via touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard for quick and easy data entries
• Fast assignment of methods with specific settings to suit the sample’s characteristics
• Adjustable pump speed for optimized filling behavior and reduction of user errors
• User-independent filling of the master instrument ensures repeatable measuring results

High sample throughput and increase of productivity
• Short filling times due to the industrial- grade peristaltic pump and replacement of the sample without intermediate cleaning
• Multiple filling out of one vial for the highest accuracy: The density deviation between two subsequent measurements is calculated and validated.
• Operators can focus on more important work instead of performing every measuring step manually.

Robust design and easy installation
• For aggressive samples all wetted parts of the Xsample™ 320 (high resistance) are made of highly resistant materials
• The maintenance-free peristaltic pump ensures trouble-free operation during its long life cycle.
• Plug and Play: Xsample™ 320 is automatically activated when the master instrument is started.
• Unified software user interface at the master instrument for easy operation and a short training phase

Product specification
Model Xsample™ 320 (High-resistance)
Viscosity range up to 3,000 mPa•s at ambient and measuring temperature*
Filling mode with peristaltic pump:
  Suction mode in one direction
Suction mode with pumping back and forth at the beginning
Typical time for filling  2 to 5 minutes
and measuring cycle  
Minimum sample volume  approx. 10 mL to 20 mL
Environmental conditions  indoor use only
(EN 61010)  
Operating temperature  +15 to +35 °C
Pollution degree 2
Over voltage category II
Altitude max. 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
Power supply supplied by the master instrument
  AC power supply voltage according to technical data plate
   at the rear of the master instrument 
  (protective grounding required)
Dimensions LxWxH         Xsample™  205 mm x 148 mm x 185 mm
 320Xsample™ 320 High-resistance 205 mm x 148 mm x 205 mm
Weight excl. master instrument  
Xsample™ 320 approx. 3.4 kg 
Xsample™ 320 High-resistance approx. 3.5 kg
* Recommended for samples with a viscosity up to 500 mPa•s at ambient and measuring 
temperature. For samples with a viscosity higher than 500 mPa•s at ambient and
 measuring temperature, bubbles may occur during filling
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