Precisa Gravimetrics AG (Швейцария)

Precisa Gravimetrics AG (Швейцария)
Precisa founded in 1935 has diverse, innovative, flexible and multi-faceted core values in both product inception and development with a truly global presence. Since inception the core business of weighing has been redefined and revolutionised. The objective is to maintain Precisa among the top high-precision gravimetric technology providers world-wide.

Products manufactured by Precisa are 100% Swiss made to meet and exceed the highest and most exacting standards in the world. The range today comprises of:

  • 360 EP/ES family of- Semi-Micro / Analytical / Precision Balances
  • 321 LS/LT/LX family - Analytical / Precision Balances
  • 320 XB Entry level family - Analytical / Precision and Gold / Carat Balances
  • 490 K Industrial Scales
  • 165 BJ - Compact Balances
  • 320 EM/XM Moisture Analysers
  • PrepASH Automated Moisture and Ashing system for multi sample analysis
Precisa balances use the Electromagnetic force compensation (EFC) weighing cell (except BJ series) which allows for repair rather than replacement, as required with a mono bloc system, should the unit be damaged.

A 2 year warranty is standard for peace of mind.