The World of Temperature

JULABO Temperature Control Solutions
JULABO presents an extensive program of temperature control solutions ranging from -95 to +400 °C. Since JULABO’s foundation in 1967 the company has pioneered the development of technology for liquid temperature control. JULABO equipment is used successfully around the world providing application solutions for science, laboratories, technology centers and process industries.

From routine to high performance temperature applications
The current program features heating and refrigerated circulators, highly dynamic temperature control systems, recirculating coolers, water baths, additional special equipment, and a wide range of accessories.

Quality „made in Germany“
During every step of development and production JULABO equipment has to meet high quality criteria and its „made in Germany“ technology reliably fulfills customers’ requirements. .

Comprehensive service and on-site support
JULABO service and support options include installation and calibration, equipment qualification documentation and application training. These invaluable services ensure customer confidence in the operation and maintenance of their JULABO unit.