Indentation testing on biological and soft materials using the bioindenter

The instrumented indentation technique (IIT) is widely used to study the local mechanical properties of materials of various origins, including biological ones. IIT plays an important role in disease diagnosis and treatment, and also enables the use of 3D printing in medicine. IIT is used to investigate physical properties of biological materials for further search of potential substitute materials whose properties and behavior would be similar to substituted tissue with aim to improve the quality of implants. wide range of materials that can be investigated by IIT create a number of problems associated with the nature of samples. The indentation of some specimens can occur under different conditions, which also creates difficulties due to surface phenomena (adhesion or capillary phenomena). Bioindenter is indentation software that is used for the analysis of IIT results. It can make calculations based on two approaches: the Oliver and Farr models, and Hertz's model, which suits better for biomaterials.
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